Butchery & Our Beef


Come and visit our Herefordshire Butchers

We consider ourselves to be so lucky to be located right at the heart of the Wye Valley in Herefordshire, just a few miles from the Welsh border. The fertile soil is perfect for farmers and growers and that’s abundantly evident in the Butchery at Oakchurch.

Herefordshire Beef

Our award-winning, grass-fed beef comes from the family farm right next to the store. The Hereford-Charolais cross-breed creates just enough fat (marbling) for the meat to remain succulent during cooking.

We also diligently sourced other local Herefordshire meat suppliers who can match our own high standards.

Did you know? Grazing on clover makes the fat slightly yellow and is perfectly normal.

Herefordshire Lamb

Like our Beef, our Lamb comes from our family farm in Bredwardine. The Charollais breed was chosen as it provides a high quality, lean meat, perfect for today’s health-conscious cook.

Packington Free-Range Poultry & Free-Range Pork

For the best quality, for our free-range pork and poultry we’ve had to go a little further afield for, to Packington's of Warwickshire. 

Packington chickens roam free on established English pasture, with strategically placed perches and shelters offering shade and protection, and access to food
and water.

Did you know? Packington free-range chickens take twice as long to rear as a standard chickens, giving it a fabulous flavour.

Packington pigs are reared outdoors to the highest welfare standards, with access to plenty of food and clean water, deep straw in comfortable shelters plus lots of room to stretch and socialise. Longer rearing time allows pigs to mature and
produces delicious meat.


Our game selection varies according to season. Look out for venison, partridge, pigeon, rabbit, and pheasant which comes from around Leominster; and wild boar from the Forest of Dean.

Did you know? Game is rich in protein, iron and minerals and lower in fat than red meat.

Monmouthshire Free Range Bronze Turkeys

Our Bronze free-range turkeys roam and forage on rolling Monmouthshire pastures from the age of six weeks. This freedom and enriched way of life helps to develop and improve the quality of meat, giving it superb flavour and texture.

Herefordshire Butchers

Our in-house butchers make sausage meat, faggots and beef burgers by hand, you might be lucky enough to see them doing so when you pop in. They make these with the same good quality meat as our joints, including Packington free-range pork.