About Oakchurch

Oakchurch started as a ‘pick your own’ strawberry farm in the 1970’s; though we are still family-owned, we provide much more than our strawberries.

Herefordian born and bred Edward and Ros Price started Oakchurch Farm Shop from a little wooden shed on the side of the road in 1970. It was the outlet for their pick-your-own strawberry fields and the fresh produce that they were growing on the Oakchurch farm. Beef fattened on the farm was soon being sold at the shop, as well as other top quality local produce, leading to the need for bigger premises.

We now offer the best of Herefordshire food and drink producers. Our garden centre is bursting with the finest plants to give life to your garden. Our in-house butchers have everything you need, whether it's your weekly essentials, a joint for a roast, bbq food, whatever it is, they are on hand to help you. 

Within our walls you will find everything you need, from filling the fridge to filling your wardrobe; we offer the very best in home and outdoor living.