Savour the Excellence of Oakchurch's Dry-Aged Herefordshire Beef

At Oakchurch, our beef undergoes a meticulous process that transforms it into a succulent and flavourful delight. Join us on a journey through the art of dry ageing and discover why our Oakchurch beef stands out from the rest.

The Oakchurch Difference:

What sets Oakchurch's Dry Aged Herefordshire Beef apart is not just the quality of the meat but also the attention and care it receives at every stage. Our cattle graze on the lush pastures of our Oakchurch farm, ensuring they thrive on a wholesome diet that contributes to the exceptional taste of our beef.

Dry Ageing Magic:

The secret behind the extraordinary flavour and tenderness of Oakchurch beef lies in the dry ageing process. After being carefully fattened on our farm, the beef is transferred to a Himalayan salt chamber, where it undergoes a transformative journey. During the dry ageing process, the meat loses around 10% of its weight, intensifying its flavour and creating a texture that simply melts in the mouth.

Savor the Melt-in-Your-Mouth Experience:

One bite is all it takes to experience the unrivalled tenderness of Oakchurch's Dry Aged Herefordshire Beef. The carefully controlled environment of the Himalayan salt chamber allows for the development of rich, concentrated flavours. Whether you opt for a small joint perfect for an intimate roast for two or a larger joint to share with family and friends, Oakchurch beef caters to every occasion. The depth of flavour and tenderness achieved through dry ageing ensures that each bite is a testament to the quality and craftsmanship we uphold at Oakchurch.

Pick up some Oakchurch Dry Aged Herefordshire Beef today from our Butchers counter, your local Hereford butchers.

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